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Investing in a new roof is a big step. Your roof is a significant investment, and finding the best option for your family is vital to the safety and security of your property. While a professional roofing company can easily repair many roofing issues, it is sometimes better to replace your roof entirely.

Are you shopping around for reputable roofers Fayetteville NC, to handle your repairs or replacement? Before you invest, you’ll probably want to know the estimated cost of roof replacements. Let’s discuss this.

How Much Will It Cost to Replace My Roof?

Roof replacement costs in Fayetteville range from several thousand dollars to $20,000 and beyond, depending on various factors. Several factors go into determining the cost of a new roof, regardless of where you live in the United States. This includes:

  • Roofing material
  • Roofing system (underlayment, ventilation, ridge capping, ice, and water shields)
  • Labor and time
  • Roof’s accessibility
  • Size and complexity of the roof
  • Roof decking replacement requirements
  • Old material removal fees (if applicable)
  • Work permits, taxes, and other fees

The cost of your hiring roofers Fayetteville NC may also be higher if any of the following factors pertain to your project:

  • You own a multi-story home
  • Your roof has a steep pitch
  • Your project is more complex
  • The underlayment needs to be replaced, or you require a higher quality underlayment
  • Your roof is not easily accessible
  • You must have the project done in inclement weather

Since replacement project costs vary significantly from one project to another, it’s best to call a local roofer to get a more accurate quote. However, the most cost-effective option is an asphalt roof replacement. Most certainly, one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make is in your home. Check out our post, 5 Benefits Of Routine Roof Inspections, if you’re interested in learning more about the advantages of routine roof inspections.

Asphalt Roof Replacement

Asphalt roofs are undoubtedly the most affordable option on the market. Still, prices can range from $5,000 to $20,000 based on size and building requirements. The main factor in determining your asphalt roof’s price is your project’s square footage, which determines material and labor costs.

Metal Roof Replacement

Many homeowners have recently switched to metal roofs because they last significantly longer than other materials. Since metal roof materials include aluminum, steel, copper, and zinc, costs vary based on the type of material you choose. Metal roof replacement projects run anywhere from $17,000 to $30,000. However, you will get a more significant return on your investment because materials can last 50-70 years or longer with proper maintenance.

Clay Roof Replacement

Although less popular than metal and shingles, some homeowners choose clay roofs for their Mediterranean style. Clay roof materials cost between $7 and $25 per square foot, with the average project totaling around $14,000.

Wood Shingle Roof Replacement

A classic alternative to asphalt shingles, wood shakes, and shingles are more expensive. The average replacement cost would range from $18,000 to $28,000, depending on the size of your roof.

Schedule a Consultation with Our Reliable Roofers Fayetteville AR to Get a More Accurate Quote

Since costs vary significantly, contacting a professional roofer is best to get a more accurate quote. Contact the Wave Roofing team today to discuss your project and find a suitable replacement for your property.

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